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Welcome to Iceup Open Source Project !


  Iceup Open Source Project is started by the idea of freesing your knowlege here. When you have a idea to make software with people but if you don't have a internet space, you are always welcome to join Iceup Open Source Project. You can start or join Project/Study. Most importantly share your knowlege with others so, you may be the person who make world develop faster.

Your support will be always welcome!


  There are many ways to support this orgnization. Not only financially but your professional experience will support every member of this organization. please lead or help Project / Study membres, There are old time saying "Don't catch a fish for your child, teach them how to fishing.". According this saying, we all know how much guider is important to everybody. You can be a guide to others who possibly looks like 5 or 10 years ago "YOU". Please share your knowledge with others, that will be thousand times better than financially support this organization.

For your conveinence, there are NOTE for your document!

  Note will help you to understand each other's opinion. Your question and comment will appear on the right side of your document. When you click NOTE's icon this will help you to understand who asked or commented about which part of your document.
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